world building

World Building

Designing the Campaign World

The Concept:
I want to collaboratively create a fantasy world in which to play Exalted.
Rather than just using the core setting, I’d like to create the world with the players as we go along, because that way it will (hopefully) match exactly what we want to see in a game.

I’d like to run a ‘sandbox’ style campaign- I want to give the players a map of the part of the world that they are in, feed them a few rumours about what is going on in the area and let them go their own way.

Starting Points:
High Fantasy: The starting point for the campaign is that I want it to have a feel of a generic fantasy campaign world (e.g. standard D&D setting) as a baseline. We’ll use that kind of world as a starting point.

Mythology: The gods are going to be real and active, influencing the mortal world through their proxies (i.e. their worshippers and their mortal descendants – scions). I’m going to steal directly from real-world mythology, so the Norse, Greek/Roman, and Egyptian pantheons will defiantly be in there, along with any others that we’d like to include. There will also be a pantheon based on the D&D gods, because I think it will be great fun to have the likes of Zeus and Pelor in the same world.

Anime: True to Exalted, I’d like to draw so ideas from the world of anime, tapping in to that idiosyncratic and over-the-top vibe, and drawing on Asian mythology.

The System
The system mechanics will mostly be straight out of Exalted, with a little bit of Scion (which is mechanically almost identical anyway) mixed in.
This will have its own impact on the designs of the setting, and the campaign world should fit with the game system.

So here are a few pertinent points:

  • The heroes of the world (the PCs, and any NPCs of their power level) as significantly more powerful than most mortals. These powers come mostly in the form of Charms (which are the magical special abilities of the Exalted). The characters will also have access to the Epic Attributes and Boons from Scion (the powers that are derived from the legacy of a god’s bloodline).
  • Characters increase their powers through heroic deeds. The ‘power stat’ of the game is called Numen, and represents a combination of the strength of the character’s Legend and the potency of their spiritual essence. As it increases the characters can get hold of ever more potent powers (if they increase it enough, than the characters will eventuality ascend into godhood).
  • As their Legend grows, the characters will increasingly draw the attentions of the mercurial forces of Fate. Characters with high Legend live perpetually in ‘interesting times’ as their fateful aura attracts improbable events; for example, it there is going to be an armed robbery, it will happen to happen just as the character goes to the bank. This basically explains ‘PC syndrome’ in-game.

I’m planning on keeping the back-story on scion powers exactly the same, but changing what the Exalted are slightly (See: Exaltation).

Ideas so far
Enough rambling- onto the Ideas

Story Seeds

world building

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