Story Seeds

Story Seeds

A cult seeking to create a religion/god that they can manipulate to their own ends.
Also interested in way to enhance and influence dreams.

In order to contain a rapidly expanding area of blight 9 seeds must be harvested from Yggdrasil and planted in a ring around it thus surrounding it with an incorruptible ring of lesser trees of life. Unfortunately the immortal elemental guardians of Yggsdrasil cannot be reasoned with (but will rise again if slain.) Stuart.

Classic gladiatorial contest of champions all comers welcome. Warriors will be placed in leagues based on legend/fame. Typically fought to submission/KO however one team has a tendency to brutally finish off their foes and an old friend of one of the party members was one of their recent victims. In order to fight this dastardly team the party must fight their way through several other bouts in the arena (and winning the contest could be nice as well) Note just murdering the bad guys outside the arena would be illegal (and highly unwise in a city full of powerful champions) but no one will be sorry to see them slain in the arena. Stuart.

A cult of very beautiful women are operating to get the attention of the gods. They hope to raise many part god children and teach them to achieve their full potential.
(either that or this is simply a rumour which has risen around a travelling theatre group or shelter for women and they have done nothing to dispel the rumours at all.) Gemma
The banner of the Ninth Legion wiped out to a man heroically defending a vital bridge against a vast dark army whilst the empire evacuated the region has been located three centuries later in the trophy room of a brutal warlord. The banner being the icon of the venerated 9th Legion and the focus of the Legions determination during its last stand has become a potent magical artefact. The remnants of the Empire will pay VERY well for its return. Stuart.

Rumours are circulating accusing the party of nefarious deeds and suggesting their previous accomplishments are lies tracking the source of the rumours leads to the cult mentioned above. (This plot should occur once the party has gained some fame) The cult also plans to introduce a powerful will weakening drug into the towns water supply. Proving this to the town would aid in restoring the parties damaged reputation (but gain them the attention of the cults assassins.)

A number of monsterous figures have been seen roaming the edge of the normally peaceful farm lands, the sightings and figures seen are increasing. Reports are never clear and several townsfolk from poorer backgrounds have been going missing, at the same time a well spoken preacher who spends his time trying to aid the lesser folk has appeared.
The figures are infact the missing townsfolk after been transformed (mostly willingly) into mythological creatures by a powerful Scion and often linger in a confused state round their former home before moving on. What the Scions aims are currently unclear but he has a growing force at his disposal. – Jason

A number of well known artifacts once owned by a series of powerful Scions previously though destroyed have been recently appeared in several well known collectors personal museums in several countries. However whenever these items have appeared together in the past devastating violence and chaos has followed, fearing a repeat of this destruction the party has been hired by a concerned mayor to persade the local collector to give up his rare find and dispose of the artifact in anyway they please as long as its as far away from the country as possible. However other treasure hunters, thieves and Scions are already on their way with their own goals. – Jason

Story Seeds

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